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December 19, 2005

Slow Burn Snow Yearn (mp3)

The best song to listen to while questing through a blizzard to get to your loved one is Dinosaur’s “Kiss Me Again”. Driving up Division, following an SUV with twin canoes strapped to the top. Those vocals, 5000 minutes of cosmic universe-level love-yearning, me sliding around, pumping the brakes, sliding. The voice singing “Kiss me again” like that kiss means life or death, me half letting myself think the same, I picture the Honda sliding into the twin canoes, their forked blades piercing the windshield, slow-motion, like jello, dying in love. THIS SONG FUCKING RULES:

Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again

PS: This song is from this good and cheap mix album. Here’s some info. David Byrne played guitar. (!!!)

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