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October 6, 2006

David Byrne vs. Insound (and Indie Rock)


“Haven’t you seen the signs? They tell you to download 25 tracks for free? They tell you to buy the new single from your favorite band? Like it was the new Fergie record! Ninety Nine cents this and a Dollar Twenty Nine that. Then they have the nerve to sell you something that you can only play on one kind of machine? Don’t you see what’s going on here???

They’re trying to kill the album! They’re destroying the very thing that made Pet Sounds, Exile On Main Street, Marquee Moon, Spiderland and Slanted & Enchanted possible. They’re killing the thing that bands sell blood and wash dishes for. They’re killing the reason that record labels curse printers and obsess over test pressings for. This is not even 1% a joke. They’re killing the album.

Well, we’re not gonna go down without a fight. You know we sell CDs and LPs. Well, now we’re gonna start selling MP3s. Albums only. MP3s only. No fancy formats. Starting in October. Shop the same way you shop for CDs and LPs. Only, after checkout, we’ll get you access to the album as a set of MP3s.

You want to shop at Insound? You want to call yourself an indie truist? Well, put up or shut up. We’ll still have free sample MP3s. But we’re not selling anybody anything for ninety nine cents. And we’re not breaking up the album. Go somewhere else for that. We’re here to sell you what the artists and labels want you to hear. CDs, LPs or MP3s. You choose.

The battle is on. Don’t sit this one out.”


“This whole album thing is a completely arbitrary construct. It only has been around for 50 years or so, and it’s probably going to go away,” Byrne said. “What we think of as some of the greatest pop music that’s ever been made – whether it’s Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday – those are not albums. (They were) singles or EPs…”

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February 15, 2006

Did You Know These Things About David Byrne?

Did you know that David Byrne is writing some kind of stage performance with Fatboy Slim? He is.

Also, did you know that David Byrne has a blog where he posts pictures of beautiful sunsets he took on his cell phone? He does.

Despite and because of these things, I rep David Byrne. I do.

See also: Awesome radio mixes posted by David Byrne.

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December 19, 2005

Slow Burn Snow Yearn (mp3)

The best song to listen to while questing through a blizzard to get to your loved one is Dinosaur’s “Kiss Me Again”. Driving up Division, following an SUV with twin canoes strapped to the top. Those vocals, 5000 minutes of cosmic universe-level love-yearning, me sliding around, pumping the brakes, sliding. The voice singing “Kiss me again” like that kiss means life or death, me half letting myself think the same, I picture the Honda sliding into the twin canoes, their forked blades piercing the windshield, slow-motion, like jello, dying in love. THIS SONG FUCKING RULES:

Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again

PS: This song is from this good and cheap mix album. Here’s some info. David Byrne played guitar. (!!!)

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August 21, 2004

This week has been a good one for live music in Portland. I’ve had the privelege to witness both Patti Smith and David Byrne in performance, and both sounded great. These are two performers who completely lay it out live. The both communicate deeply and honestly, but don’t take themselves too serious to break into some fun, straight-ahead hippie-rock (Smith) or lay out the serious disco/funk/house jams, complete with congas (Byrne).

Byrne went so far as to finish his second encore (what a trooper) with “Lazy” the epic dance track he made with British DJ’s Xpress-2, which was a huge hit when I was living in London, and which nobody has even heard of here. I think I was the only person cheering when he introduced it. Interestingly, he opted for a live interpretation of Freeform Five’s remix of the track. Haven’t heard that mix but it sounded great last night. And it gives my white, pseudo-intellectual ass hope to see a die-hard white intellectual like Byrne shake his ass to the funky music with complete and total abandon. Thanks dude.

Byrne is definitely winning in the presentation category: Smith had hilarious cheeseball psychedelic screen-saver projections running during the show, while Smith had and entire string section, all color-coordinated in navy grey Dickies shirts.

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