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December 16, 2006

Two Pop

Friday Bridge

I’ve had this flagged in my email for way too long (<— most uninviting way to start a blog post ever?) so it’s really just time to lay it on you all. This song is by a French girl who calls herself Friday Bridge. I found it in a very roundabout way, via this guy Todd who contacted me about something totally unrelated to his cool little 7″ label. Anyway, the label thing did eventually come to light, and along with it this song. Super lo-fi 80s pop production with hushed French vocals; like Stereo Total minus wackiness, with more lushness, and more sexiness — OK, so not like Stereo Total at all, but French with synths, RIGHT. This should totally be on the next Sofia Coppola soundtrack, and probably would’ve worked nicely on Marie Antoinette. I’m into it. (buy here)

Friday Bridge - It Girl

And while I’m on the subject of things that are so overtly poptastic they’re maybe a little embarassing too (but not really), here’s the sparkling new Simian Mobile Disco single. This shit is so shiny it’s translucent, and probably filled with glitter. The lyrics are totally asinine sex-as-religion (maybe) stuff and the singer is trying sooo hard it hurts, but he’s also totally pulling it off most of the time, and the euphoric vibe is pretty undeniable. Plus the little synth riffs are just fucking awesome. These guys are serously ruling the electrotechnopop crossover realm right now (along with all those French guys, but that’s another post), probably because (a) they (crystal-)clearly know their way around a melody (this is a rare and special thing) and (b) they’ve got mad studio chops. Each melody is arranged perfectly and each beat thuds right (stereo-panned, slightly filtered with a tiny reverb trail on the back). It’s pop, it’s dance music. It’s…

Simian Mobile Disco - I Bealive

And no, that’s not a typo – it’s just trippy new age spelling. (buy here)

PS: Nice SMD mix here. Also, that blog is awesome.

  • chris.ramos

    Nice! TRMW, your so resourceful.

  • e*rock

    this track is rad.

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