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September 28, 2006

It’s My Window


Chas Bowie’s Timbaland podcast special is totally making my morning. Hear it here, c/o The Mercury. Chas and I agree: “The Rain” is the best Missy/Timbo collabo ever. Seriously, mind-exploding future-pop on an other level. That big syruppy bass and those little pin prick sounds and the simultaneously laid-back / snap-tight beats = totally sublime music. My ringtone jam for going on a year, and it’s not stopping now.

PS: Have you had your Daily Awesome yet?

  •'/ David

    Whoa! Thank you for reminding me about this amazing song! My “band” at the time did an awful “cover” of The Rain. It was pretty sweet. (That was all back in the day, when I was still tokin’ the jays…)

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