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October 11, 2005



“At age 16, John Swingset was at his house with 4 of his friends doing LSD while his mom was out of town. After hours (days?) of psychedelic revelry and well after the height of the trip, John needed a break from his friends and stepped out onto the balcony.

The sky was brilliant between the golden orange clouds as if painted on the azure blue by God himself. It was at this moment, the world broke. A huge eyeball opened in the sky, and communicated telepathically with him. It told him that he must learn to play guitar and sing. Shocked, unprepared, and in utter disbelief that he could ever learn to either sing or play guitar, much less at the command of a disembodied eyeball, John challenged it with a Question: How and/or why should do I do this? Its response was simple, “You have work to do.

At that moment, My Epiphany was born. A synthesis of electronic and organic instrumentation, that allows their audience to soar to ecstatic heights through heart pumping anthems as well as explore the pits of despair in bittersweet haunting melodies.

My Epiphany has played with Thursday, The Faint, Desaparecidos, Glasseater, Brandston, Coheed and Cambria, The Used, Further Seems Forever, Hopesfall, Stretch Arms Strong, Vaux, STUN, Now It’s Overhead, ScatterTheAshes, and Milemarker.”

Words fail.

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